Fill in the blanks with a modal: can, might, should, will, have to, or a negative form of these.
Paul: Can you come to my party tomorrow?
Gretta: No, I'm sorry. I work tomorrow.

Paul: It's hot in here.
Gretta: I open the window for you.

Paul: I got a letter from a friend in Germany but I read it. I speak German.
Gretta: You ask Viktor. He speak German.

I am going to move tomorrow. I move out of my old apartment before the first of the month.

Nancy: What are you going to do on your vacation?
Peter: I'm not sure. I go to Chicago, or I go to Toronto.

Emily: I go to class today because I am sick.
Debby: You email your teacher and ask about homework.

I just got a new job. I wear a uniform, but I wear a white shirt.

When Lee first came here, he speak English at all. Now he sounds like a native-speaker.

Cindy: I've been invited to a retirement party next week. I bring a gift?
Willie: No, you bring a gift. A card is all you need to bring.